Dereck Middleton – VP, Global Business Development
Email: dmiddleton@7pgps.com ● Web: www.7pgps.com
Tel: (812) 988-4430
7PSolutions provides Global Visual Management, using GPS, to biopharma, high-value, high-theft risk cargoes and progressive industries and manufacturers around the world who need to communicate with their assets or manage their supply chain.

Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council (CCPAC)

Dave Nordt, CCP - Executive Director
Email: dnordt@ccpac.com ● Web: www.ccpac.com
Tel: (732) 703-0064
CCPAC established in 1981 is a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise the professional standards of individuals who specialize in the administration and negotiation of freight claims.

CompuData, Inc.

Joseph Krams – Account Executive
Email: joseph.krams@compudata.com ● Web: www.compudata.com
Tel: (267) 388-2661
CompuData is a woman owned IT Company that has been creating technology solutions for small and midsize organizations for over 50 years. A leader in Cloud Hosting, Accounting / ERP Software, IT Security and Managed IT Services and Solutions that provide clients with technology solutions that to help them scale, protect, and streamline their organization.


Michael Schember - CEO
Email: mike@freightclaims.com ● Web: www.freightclaims.com
Tel: (480) 570-0681
Freightclaims.com provides advanced self-service SAAS software solutions designed to simplify the freight claims process for shippers and 3PL providers. Our innovative platform streamlines claim resolution, improves communication among stakeholders, and reduces administrative expenses. Users can take advantage of comprehensive reporting features that offer valuable analytics on claim activity and outcomes, along with access to expert guidance to minimize the frequency of claims. With Freightclaims.com, managing freight claims has never been more efficient and effective.

GEGO Tracking Solutions

Daniela Pomares - CEO
Email: dpomares@lugloc.com ● Web: www.lugloc.com
Tel: (866) 669-0008
GEGO Tracking Solutions offers a tailored global platform to keep track of shipments worldwide. With a specialized focus on air cargo, our solution integrates real-time updates on shipment conditions, covering both ground and flight status alerts for a comprehensive tracking experience. As the creators of LUGLOC, the world's first luggage locator, we bring innovation to the forefront. Our services include Live ETA, Flight notifications, API compatibility, and 100% customizable software to your company's needs. We excel in critical medical shipments and other industries that demand a flawless tracking solution. Partner with GEGO for unparalleled precision in logistics management.

MercuryGate International, Inc.

Patrick Anglim or Pete Celestina
Email: sales@mercurygate.com or claimssales@mercurygate.com ● Web: www.mercurygate.com
Tel: Patrick Anglim (M: 631-275-7153) or Pete Celestina (M: 602-723-0200)
MercuryGate provides powerful transportation management solutions proven to be a competitive advantage for today’s most successful shippers, 3PLs, brokers and carriers. The comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product suite (TMS, Final Mile, Claims, Visibility, and International Trade (Export) natively supports all transportation modes and segments, generating value for its users through improved cost, productivity, and efficiency by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and connected technologies to adapt and automate transportation management functions. MercuryGate makes shipping intelligent, simple, sustainable, and transformational for customers.

Resource Logistics Group, Inc.

Steve Huntley, President/Founder
Email: Shuntley@ResourceLogisticsGroup.com ● Tel: (954) 682-7904
Adam Bard, Business Development and Logistics Solutions Manager
Email: Abard@ResourceLogisticsGroup.com ● Tel: (954) 909-6748
James Currier, Logistics Solutions Implementation Manager
Email: Jcurrier@ResourceLogisticsGroup.com ● Tel: (813) 638-3511
Web: www.ResourceLogisticsGroup.com
We are trusted transportation/logistics advisors that assist clients in reducing their overall transportation expenditures through leveraged negotiations based on current market intelligence. We also help to relieve many of the burdens of all “back office” transportation management functions without taking control of our clients' operations. We offer professional services and state-of-the-art technology to help companies make intelligent logistics decisions.

Transport Security, Inc. - ENFORCER®

Jon Heinen – Senior Sales, Representative
Email: jon@transportsecurity.com ● Web: www.transportsecurity.com
Tel: (612)760-1711
Transport Security, Inc. has been the chosen partner of cargo security professionals and professional truck drivers for over 40 years. We provide high security locks to the trucking, supply chain, portable storage, construction and retail sectors. The ENFORCER® security products for trucks, trailers and containers are designed for the rugged supply chain environment and manufactured from high quality materials. Our trailer and container locks, truck locks, and C-TPAT security seals set the standard for the industry. International shipping available.

Verified Carrier

Yuriy Kuprikov
Email: Yuriy.kuprokov@verifiedcarrier.com ● Alex Bezzubets – alex.bezzubets@verifiedcarrier.com
Web: www.verifiedcarrier.com
Tel: (360)771-8150
Carrier Verification, simplified trusted by industry leaders, Verified Carrier is a strategic partner for freight brokers seeking to eliminate fraud and double-brokering by enhancing transparency with verified carriers.