49th Annual Conference Program

Sunday, APRIL 30, 2023


Registration (KON TIKI FOYER)


Pre-Meeting Breakfast (KON TIKI FOYER)                  


Board of Directors Meetings Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc.(BOARDROOM/EAST)


Optional Seminars

I. Contracting for Transportation & Logistics Services  (TOUCAN)

 Presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq.       

An intensive workshop on the practical and legal aspects of contracting for both purchasers and providers of transportation and logistics services. Includes a review of important legal principles, statutes, regulations and a "walk through" and in-depth discussion of actual contract provisions, terms and conditions.

II. Freight Claims in Plain English        (MACAW)

 Presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq.        

Based on the recently published 4th edition of the text by George Carl Pezold & William J. Augello, this session covers basics of carrier liability, bills of lading, burdens of proof, defenses, damages, limitations of liability, time limits, liability of freight forwarders, intermediaries, warehousemen, air and ocean carriers.

III. Transportation, Logistics and the Law      (COCKATOO)

Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, JD        

This unique one-day course based upon Bill Augello's landmark text is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the supply chain and governing the relationships between the parties ---- shippers, carriers, and intermediaries. This is the vital information you need for minimizing risks and protecting revenues for your organization and for your own individual professional growth.

VI. CCP Primer Class          (BOARDROOM/WEST)

 Presented by John O'Dell, CCP                

The CCP Primer Class is a fast-moving intense one day review for individuals preparing to take the CCP Exam. Attendees must apply and be pre-approved by CCPAC to participate in the class and/or exam on Wednesday.


Mid-Morning Break            (KON TIKI FOYER)

12:00pm-1:00 pm

Luncheon              (BEACH)

3:00pm-3:30 pm

Mid-Afternoon Break          (KON TIKI FOYER)



Hospitality Reception / EXHIBITS       (KON TIKI FOYER)


5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Mid-Afternoon Break         (Carolina-Foyer)


Hospitality Reception / EXHIBITS       (Gold Ballroom)   


Monday, MAY 1, 2023


  Pre-Meeting Breakfast          (KON TIKI FOYER)


  Registration            (AVIARY FOYER)


Exhibits             (KON TIKI FOYER)


  General Session I          (AVIARY BALLROOM)


In the last few years, we have witnessed a number of extraordinary events and conditions that have had major impact for both our domestic and international supply chains. And they destined to continue – Covid variants, the war in the Ukraine, environmental threats due to global warming and revolutions in the transportation and distribution of goods. Leading experts will peer into the crystal ball and give their views on what to expect and what we should be doing for the future.

Moderator:  Aaron Schmidt, Senior Vice President, NFI Industries

Panelists:  William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor, The Journal of Commerce

    Chris Johnson, CFA, Sr. Analyst, Cleveland Research Company    

    Anne Reinke, President & CEO, Transportation Intermediaries Association


 Mid-Morning Break          (KON TIKI FOYER) 


Workshop 1           (AVIARY BALLROOM)


Panelists will give an overview of events such as Covid, the war in the Ukraine, and the developments like trade policies and tariffs, high fuel prices, enactment of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, changes to NAFTA that have affected and continue to impact our supply chain for goods and transportation services. Attendees will learn the basics of what importers and exporters need to know about the different types of service providers, international treaties and laws governing cargo liability, and compliance with CPB requirements. Common problems and how to avoid them will be discussed with suggested "best practices" for shippers, carriers and intermediaries involved in air, ocean and cross-border shipping.

Moderator:  Rennie Alston, CEO & President, American Group of Companies

Panelists:  Andrew M. Danas, Partner, Grove, Jaskiewicz and Cobert, LLP

    Marianne Rowden, CEO, E-Merchants Trade Council, Inc.

    Jerrod Slaughter, Sr. Director of Global Logistics, Keen, Inc.


  Workshop 2             (BOARDROOM)



The role of property brokers and third party logistics providers continues to grow and expand. More shippers – and carriers – rely on them to arrange for the transportation and distribution of goods. Panelists will discuss how Covid and on-line purchasing have revolutionized the nation's supply chain and will address how intermediaries too often find themselves "in the middle" when disputes arise over liability for cargo loss or damage or freight charges, conflict between shipper-broker and broker-carrier contracts, double brokering and broker scams, as well as the importance of diligence in selection of service providers.

Moderator:  Ronald Leibman, Partner, McCarter & English LLP

Panelists:   Jonathan Robb, Vice President, Brokerage Operations, NFI

    Deena Walechka, CCP, Claims Specialist II, Risk Mgt., FedEx Custom Critical


  Luncheon - Guest Speaker:          (KON TIKI BALLROOM)

Mario Cordero, Executive Director, Port of Long Beach

1:30pm -3:00pm

Workshop 3              (AVIARY BALLROOM)


For many years the NMFC and the class rating system governed most of the rates and charges of the nation's major LTL carriers. Small, occasional and unsophisticated shippers usually get a rate – over the phone or in an email – from carrier (or broker). Most larger and more sophisticated shippers have formal shipper-carrier contracts. However, few people really understand the basics of carrier pricing. Experts will explain about LTL Class rates – NMFC classes and base rate tariffs, proprietary products (CzarLite); FAK rates; Pricing agreements and spot or quoted rates; Dimensional pricing; TL rates – point to point, mileage, spot or quoted rates; Accessorial charges and surcharges; Relationship of rates to carrier liability.

Moderator: Jace Martin, Sr. Manager LTL Carrier Development, GEODIS

Panelists:   Christopher Adkins, VP-Yield Strategy & Analytics, ArcBest

    Darryl Gash, Corporate Logistics Manager, Dillard's Logistics



  Workshop 4             (BOARDROOM)



Insurance policies come in many sizes, shapes and colors, but they only have one thing in common – expensive premiums. Have you ever examined the real risks from events, accidents, theft, freight loss or damage that could interrupt your supply chain and your business? Have you ever read through your insurance policies to see whether they really address those risks? All too often people don't do this and there can be serious surprises. The panel of experts will explain the kinds of insurance products that are available, what they cover and what they don't and give their recommendations as to what coverage you need to have and require from your service providers to protect your interests.

Moderator:  Jeffrey L. Meyer, Sr. Group Manager Transportation, Nestle Purina PetCare


Panelists:  Rick Bridges, Vice President- Account Executive, Supply Chain and Logistics,       Northeast Marine, Lockton Companies

    Matthew C. Koch, Esq., Marwedel, Minichello & Reeb, PC

    Lisa Vranich, CIC, Vice President, Sales & Marketing,

     Avalon Risk Management Insurance Agency LLC    


Mid-Afternoon Break          (KON TIKI BALLROOM)




A continuation of the ever-popular annual session where "Lawyers Explain the Law, and Businessmen Tell It Like It Is".

Moderator:  Gerard F. Smith, Esq., Pezold, Smith, Hirschmann & Selvaggio, LLC

Panelists:   Kathleen C. Jefferies, Partner, Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, LLP

    Reid Klosowsky, Co-Founder, Freight Think LLC

    Jessie Renner, CCP, Senior Claims Analyst, Jarrett Logistics

    Henry C. Seaton, Esq., Seaton & Husk, L.P

    Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq., Pezold, Smith, Hirchmann & Selvaggio, LLC

    Deena Walechka, CCP, Claims Specialist II, Risk Mgt., FedEx Custom Critical


5:15pm-  6:15pm

  CCPAC Annual Meeting         (AVIARY BALLROOM)

All CCPAC Members and those desiring more information about becoming a CCPAC member are invited to attend the annual business meeting. Officers will be elected followed by announcements, awards plus any new or old business presented before the membership and door prizes. Attendees of this meeting will earn an additional .50 ceus-CCPAC continuing education credits.


Hospitality Reception / Exhibits       (KON TIKI BALLROOM)    

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Pre-Meeting Breakfast           (KON TIKI FOYER)


  Registration            (KON TIKI FOYER)


Exhibits             (KON TIKI FOYER)  


  General Session III         (AVIARY BALLROOM)


Transportation theft, pilferage and other events that disrupt the supply chain cost shippers and carriers millions of dollars every year. Leading experts will discuss: Identification of the threats, risks and vulnerability; Selection of the right security measures and protections; Protection against fraud and scams like fictitious pick-ups, identify theft and cyber theft; Role of law enforcement.

Moderator:  Jessie Renner, CCP, Senior Claims Analyst, Jarrett Logistics

Panelist:  Keith Lewis, VP of Operations, CargoNet

    Henry C. Seaton, Esq., Seaton & Husk, L.P

David Nordt, CCP, Chairman of the Board at CCPAC and National Director of

Claims, The Gilbert Company


Mid-Morning Break          (KON TIKI FOYER)  

10:30am-  12:00pm

  Workshop 5            (AVIARY BALLROOM)


Bills of Lading have been used for the transportation of goods for centuries. In the absence of some other formal transportation agreement, the Bill of Lading, is the "Contract of Carriage" and governs the legal relationship between the shipper and the carrier. Yet few people that use them rarely even look at them or really understand how important they are. Every mode of transport has its own different versions of bills of lading – truck, ocean, air and intermodal. Three leading attorneys will give you a "tour" of typical bills of lading for each mode, what they look like and how they should be used. They will explain how the "contract of carriage", together with the applicable laws, treaties and tariffs, govern carrier liability and some of the "traps and pitfalls" for the unwary user.

Moderator:  Jerrod Slaughter, Sr. Director of Global Logistics, Keen, Inc.

Panelists:  Andrew M. Danas, Partner., Grove, Jaskiewicz and Cobert, LLP

    Brent Wm. Primus, JD, Primus Law Office, P.A.

    Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq., Pezold, Smith, Hirschmann & Selvaggio, LLC

10:30am-  12:00pm

 Workshop 6             (BOARDROOM)


Transportation of food and food-related products is subject to a very high standard of care as well as a myriad of special laws and regulations. Strict temperature controls and procedures apply throughout the supply chain, from farm to market for fresh fruits and vegetables and from manufacturer to consumer for frozen products or those requiring refrigeration. There are labeling, marking, storage and shelf-life requirements as well as those for temperature monitoring and record keeping. Food safety involves packaging and seals for protection against adulteration or contamination. Panelists will discuss these subjects as well as the typical issues that come with loss and damage claims and salvage.

Moderator:  Jon Gehrts, Director of Supply Chain, UniPro Food Service, Inc.

Panelists:  Dirk H. Beckwirth. Esq., Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

    Daniel Bohlman, Director of Logistics, Butterball, LLC

    Michael Carlisle, Director, Logistics Operations, United States Cold Storage



Luncheon - Guest Speaker:         (KON TIKI BALLROOM)

To be announced


General Session IV          (AVIARY BALLROM)


Leading transportation attorneys will address current court decisions and legislation impacting shippers, carriers and intermediaries – loss and damage claims, freight charge disputes, multimodal issues, liability for highway accidents and other current issues.

Moderator:  George C. Pezold, Esq., Pezold, Smith, Hirschmann & Selvaggio, LLC

Panelists:  Steve W. Block, Lane Powell PC

    Miles L. Kavaller, Esq., Miles L. Kavaller, a Prof. Law Corp.

    Eric L. Zalud, Esq., Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP



Mid-Afternoon Break          (KON TIKI FOYER)     

3:30pm-  5:00pm

  Workshop 7            (AVIARY BALLROOM)


For sixty years, until the deregulation of the motor carrier industry and culminating with the termination of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1995, the I.C.C. had jurisdiction over the reasonableness of motor carrier liability limitations and such limitations were only permitted pursuant to "Released Rate Orders". Today all major LTL carriers publish or maintain tariffs that govern their liability for loss or damage. Unless otherwise provided in a separate transportation agreement, these rules are incorporated by reference into the contract of carriage by the language of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading. This workshop will focus on common provisions in motor carrier tariffs that govern liability for loss, damage or delay in goods in transit.

Moderator:  Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq., Pezold, Smith, Hirschmann & Selvaggio, LLC

Panelists:  Darryl Gash, Corporate Logistics Manager, Dillard's

    Brent Wm. Primus, JD, Primus Law Office, P.A.

    Jessie Renner, CCP, Senior Claims Analyst, Jarrett Logistics


  Workshop 8            (BALLROOM)


Would you like help with a problem or have questions that need answers? Then this session is perfect. A Pre-Scheduled one-on-one meeting with top transportation professionals will give you an opportunity to ask specific questions or get guidance with a problem. Each meeting will be 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time with a presenter or panelist of your choice. Sign up at the registration table for your own personal consultation.

Coordinator: Nadia Martin. CCP, Claims & Compliance Manager,  Blakeman Transportation



Wednesday, MAY 3, 2023


Pre-Meeting Breakfast         ( KON TIKI FOYER)


Registration           (KON TIKI FOYER)


General SESSION V         (AVIARY BALLROOM)        


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". There are lots of ways loss or damage can be avoided or minimized - due diligence in selecting service providers, security procedures and devices, better packaging, blocking & bracing, etc. When something does happen prompt action, inspection, repair and salvage can mitigate costly financial losses. Panelists will also discuss "reverse logistics" for other use or recycling.

Moderator:  Heather Devine, Chief Legal Officer, Traffix

Panelists:  Rennie Alston, CEO & President, American Group of Companies

    Dan I. Hill, CPP, Director-SRV, Cargo Claims & Prevention,

     ABF Freight System, Inc.

    Christopher Kitchen, Sr. Manager, LCC, Claims, Rates & Compliance, Molson

     Coors Beverage Company


10:00am-    10:30am

Mid-Morning Break           (KON TIKI FOYER)


  General SESSION VI         (AVIARY BALLROOM )    


Panelists will tackle questions submitted by the audience and to the Council's "Q&A" forum, tell how they would answer them from both a shipper and carrier viewpoint, and give suggestions on how to resolve difficult situations. Be sure to bring your questions to this session!

Moderator:  Brandon Arnold, VP, Truck Brokerage, Intelligent Logistics, LLC

Panelists:  David Nordt, CCP, Chairman of the Board at CCPAC and National Director of

  Claims, The Gilbert Company

    Carrie Frisbie, Director, Cargo Claims, SEKO Worldwide

    Brent Wm. Primus, JD, Primus Law Office, P.A.

    Carla Bay Rumford, Senior Operations Support Manager, BM2 Freight Services

    Deena Walechka, CCP, Claims Specialist II, Risk Mgt.,

     FedEx Custom Critical



Grand Prize Drawing & Adjournment      (AVIARY BALLROOM)

  Winner must be present

Image 4-25-23 at 7.10 PM